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Looking for Coworking Space in Dehradun? We Have Found The Best One

We started our hunt for the best coworking space in Dehradun a year back, and since there only a few competitors in the city, it was not exactly a hefty task for us to compare and find the best of all.

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While the big MNC’s like Wipro, Cognizant were asking us to work from home and spend time with our families, we were still struggling with the fact how we can work at home with 256kbs internet. The solution to our problem is now sorted out.

While many remote employees prefer to work from the confined space of our home office.  But if they are asked if working in these “informal offices” truly benefits your business/productivity?

It’s hard to, with all certainty, say “yes”. While your mom or wife may know you and your drink of choice, but they cannot, in any way, provide the support and connections that a business or work needs to thrive.

Thus, enter the benefits of this beautiful coworking space in Dehradun named Roots Coworking.

I Joined Roots a few months back and I have already increased my productivity and business. Now I am not struggling with the deadlines or any internet issue, Which is a great problem with other spaces here in Dehradun.

Here are a few perks which you can grab at Roots Coworking.

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1. Community

First and foremost, coworking is about community. “Coworking is not only about the physical place but about establishing the coworking community first.”

The feeling of community is palpable from the first moment you walk through the doors of Roots. It’s a sense of belonging and friendship that comes with working alongside like-minded, creative, self-starters. Founders and coworking members. Roots have unbreakable respect for one another and bond over shared experiences of successes and failures.

They encourage and pick one another up. They ideate and provide honest, constructive feedback. And above all, they are connectors, who truly want your business to succeed.

2. Collaboration

While you may not be working on the same project or even be in the same industry, coworking provides founders with a much needed sounding board for ideas, problems, and solutions. Access to top talent is unparalleled. Roots Coworking provides a spontaneous mentorship network that some would say rivals the formal, top-level programs. On a daily basis, first-time entrepreneurs sit alongside seasoned, serial entrepreneurs.

3. Resources and amenities

Coworking spaces are the new-age business incubators. Not only do they provide low-cost office and meeting space, but also offer a vast resource network that can assist in taking your business from idea to market. These resources can include on-site business counseling, preferred vendors/firms, product discounts, business library, high-speed fiber Internet, print center and more. Oftentimes, we overlook the importance of something as small as free coffee or printer paper, but it’s these simple resources and amenities that get your business to that next milestone.

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4. Creative, flexible work areas

A workspace and environment can greatly impact productivity. A busy, loud coffeehouse can be great for people watching, but not for getting sh*t done. A home office can have you thinking about the laundry or the errands you can be doing, not that customer development you should be doing. Entrepreneurship is about creativity and innovation, shouldn’t you workspace be the same? It is all about finding the right one for you and your business. Bright colors, writeable surfaces, and walls, flexible workspace, soft seating, and natural light are fun features that can greatly impact productivity.

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5. Events

At Roots, it is a mission to help nurture and grow kick-ass startups. While “education” is not a traditional offering at coworking spaces, they strongly value educational and networking events for entrepreneurs to collaborate with and learn from industry experts as well as other entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you wear several hats. Attending these events is free to low-cost way to further your education and business expertise.

6. Networking, networking, networking

Next, to the community, we’d be bold enough to say that the #2 greatest benefit of coworking is the networking opportunities. Coworking spaces are comprised of a mix of entrepreneurs and businesses, and because of that you never know who may come in. Take advantage of the foot traffic and network!

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7. Flexibility

This is a judge-free zone. While owning a business can be a 24/7, 365 job, no one is going to pass judgment if you’re not using your membership all day, every day. Coworking focuses more on the output than the input – Meaning it’s the success/outcome of a project, not the time and effort put in.

Looking for Coworking Space in Dehradun? We Have Found The Best One
  • Pricing
  • Accessibility
  • Internet/ Printouts
  • Coffee and Beverages
  • Support Staff


Roots Coworking is one of the finest coworking establishment in Dehradun city. Everything is perfect here. If you are a remote worker or looking for an office space without any hassle, It is definitely a place for you.


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