What to do when your Facebook ads account is suspended without any notice?

facebook ads account suspended

Well, if you are reading this post there are 80% of chance that your Facebook ads account has been suspended. Here is what it look likes.


“Your advertising account has been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons any ads you are running will be paused”

Well if this is the situation, here are the following things that will happen

  1. You will not be able to create ad any further
  2. Cannot analyze reports
  3. You will not able to create new ads
  4. and worst, there is no immediate option to contact Facebook customer support

Why did Facebook suspend your account?

The very first thing you should look into is your payment options. Are you are out of your limit or spent more than usual? Do check your payment methods for any security issues. If you find anything not convincing with your account report it here.

So, everything is fine with your payment options? if yes, then the second question is did you knowingly disregard the facebook advertising rules? There are almost 70% of Facebook advertisers who never read the Facebook ads policy and you stumble into those each time you broke one. Here are some common mistakes which an advertiser can make:

  1. Used more than 20% of text in an image
  2. Didn’t write facebook with capital F
  3. Advert didn’t match the landing page
  4. Accessed ads account with proxy IP
  5. Create ads for a dating, relationship, or any type of singles related website?
  6. Make ads for an affiliate marketing program or third party advertising opportunity?
  7. Try to get likes for a make money online, work from home, email collection, list building, investment, or finance related page?
  8. Promote a website with a forwarded URL?
  9. Use a Facebook ads coupon you bought from Fiverr or another website?
  10. Create a new Facebook account and immediately make ads with it?
  11. Submit ads on behalf of your client for their page or website?

So, if this is your case then don’t worry. This may be because of the Facebook ads AI. It’s very advanced yet very irritating.

Facebook ads are very common nowadays to use and anyone can promote their articles using Facebook ads. Thus, to prevent misuse of the Facebook ads platform, Facebook has developed an incredible AI which moderates these ads. This AI moderates these ads on the basis of shape colors and content. This happens many times that it interprets the ad wrongly and flags the user’s ad account for unsensual activities. Facebook’s robots, flag each rejected advert (regardless of the reason) and may eventually suspend your account without warning.

This AI moderates these ads on the basis of shape colors and content. This happens many times that it interprets the ad wrongly and flags the user’s ad account for unsensual activities without any prior notice.

I used this image as the thumbnail for the product video. My account got flagged as soon as I uploaded this image to video thumbnail.

How to get your Facebook account running up again?

Once your account is suspended it becomes a bit of a task to get to actual facebook support. The majority of Facebook’s “support” is based on electronic forms, community run forums. Your ad was likely suspended without a human looking at it, and to get it unsuspended requires human attention. When you appeal the decision – electronically, of course, you may wait up to one month for a human to respond. Yes really!

1. Appeal Once– Just appeal once from the appeal form. If you will send it again and again it will keep moving you to the bottom of the queue.

Here is a draft of an appeal which helped me a lot.

Hello Facebook Team, I started my campaigns on Facebook according to advert policies but after some time my ads account disabled without any reason, I don’t understand why I am facing this even I haven’t done anything wrong and always followed the rules and regulation of advertising on Facebook , I am the only owner and of my ads manager account and doing everything legal even no unusual activity involved in my account ever so kindly review your decision and enable my ads account again so that I can continue my campaigns on Facebook, I am sure that I always tried to follow your policies but if you still think that anything wrong done from my side then apologize for this, I will improve my skills more and sure that you will be satisfied with my work on facebook, I hope I can get back my ads account again, Looking for your positive reply. Reg your name

2. Connect Another Account– So, you need your ads running up again, it is has been recommended that you should always keep connected your page with 3 Facebook profiles with different payment methods. In this, You will not be able to reactivate the paused ads but you will be able to create new ones.

3. Reinvent Your Social Strategy – Well, if this is the case then you are relying too much on the Facebook ads. Try to focus on organic engagements, create groups, ask your friends and followers to share posts. Encourage people to tag each other. Here is an example of the great Facebook post which can accommodate a good organic reach.

4. It’s Not About the money! –  If you look your problem on the google you will notice that you are not the only one. There are thousands of advertisers(a well known) struggling with the same problems. You should also know that “spend” seemingly doesn’t matter to Facebook. There are people who are more than spending 10,000 USD per month and it made no difference to the outcome. So before you start using phrases like “Do You Know Who I Am”, “I Spend $X Per Month” or “I Will Spend My Budget Elsewhere” remember, it won’t affect the outcome and it probably won’t make you feel any better.

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According to my experience, Facebook support is not that great and fast in comparison to other social sites. So I will suggest you not to fully depend on the Facebook for your social media marketing. Try other social media marketing strategies too.

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