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7 Smart Tips to Get Free Instagram Followers Without Spending a Penny in 2019

Instagram is one of the most used social media mobile app across the world and getting free Instagram followers has always been a burning topic since the launch of the Instagram. 

It has recently reported that Instagram has more than 700 million active user accounts worldwide.  Here’s a breakdown of how long it took Instagram to add each 100 million users:

  • October 6, 2010 – Launch
  • February 26, 2013 – 100 million; 28 months
  • March 25, 2014 – 200 million; 13 months
  • December 10, 2014 – 300 million; 9 months
  • September 22, 2015 – 400 million; 9 months
  • June 21, 2016 – 500 million; 9 months
  • December 15, 2016 – 600 million; 6 months
  • April 26, 2017 – 700 million; 4 months

This makes Instagram more than twice the size of Twitter.

If you are a social media marketer or running a business which relies on social media marketing, this is a great platform for you.

With those many people using Instagram, there’s a good chance that your target audience can be reached to your Instagram account which will so lead to sales.

Though, for that, you will need a plenty of Instagram followers base.

Of course, this then posits the tricky problem of how to get more free Instagram followers in the first place.

There are many ways you can get Instagram followers,  But, In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can get free Instagram followers just like that.


7 Tips on How to get Free Instagram Followers

1. Understand Your Audience Needs

It is the first step every Instagram user must follow. If you are struggling in getting more free Instagram followers, then define a strategy & have an idea to whom you want to be your Instagram followers.

Define a proper niche, categories so as to increase followers & audience of your niche.

Create an effective profile that helps you to tune your content efforts as well as grab feedbacks & likes in your post from your niche audience.

When you are able to understand what’s your audience want & who you want to reach then create an innovative & remarkable content that attracts your Instagram followers.

The most important point you should keep in mind is that Instagram is an image as well as the amazing video platform. Hence, you have to focus on posting high-quality images and videos on your Instagram profile.

If your Instagram post receives remarkable support from your audience then it means more people will get engage with your content.

To make audience engagement higher, You need to share your quality content consistent with your Instagram followers.

Audience engagement plays the crucial role in building social media relationships which include the product images as well as the images that help to connect with your audience.

 2. Well Define Your Bio and Profile


Defining the proper profile is the backbone of your web presence on Instagram, and a well-crafted way to increase your free Instagram followers.

Instagram makes it possible to add website address in posts and comments, active i.e. not clickable links.

So the only clickable link works are in your profile, where you can define your website landing page. However, this link defines your Instagram profile as a whole.

As like other social media platforms, your profile acts like a business card for your followers. To make an effective persona on Instagram use an image or photo that visually appealing. This makes your profile ideally stands out from rest Instagram profiles in your niche anyway.


Your Instagram profile includes your name, username, website, and bio.

  • Name: 30 characters can be included in Instagram search so as to include a keyword.
  • Username: Proper username on other social channels makes it easy for followers of other platforms to find you on an Instagram profile.
  • Website: It is the only place on Instagram where you can add a clickable link.
  • Bio: Can include 150 characters to convey your brand identity and Business. It gives a reason why the followers should follow you.


 3. Interact & Build Audience Relationship


Instagram is a social media network that offers the high quality platform to interact with your audience by using images & videos.

To increase your Instagram follower & likes in the post, you need to interact with your audience. Give time to your social media platform so as to build one to one relationship with your audience.

The interactions between you and your audience help to build strong trust bonding to offer products & services.

To interact with your audience, you must focus on creating great content that matches your target audience. You also need to post content consistently because it gives your audience a reason to follow your Instagram profile.

If your audience sees that you are posting fresh & new content consistently, then it gives a reason for them to follow you.


4. Use Social Media Tools To Gain Exposure



Once your Instagram follower increases, you can focus on building smart Instagram marketing strategies.

These strategies help to implement user generated the post on your profile by using social media management tools such as HootSuite StatusBrew and Buffer.

According to Neil Patel, Buffer manage the boost of their follower’s counts by 60% with the help of user generated content.

One of the most effective way to get people to post user generated content by running a contest as well as the campaign. You can ask people to post a video or an image.

The person who will post the best picture gets an amazing prize. To increase the reach of your post, use a designated hashtags and tag someone in the comments section.

5. Run an Effective Contest & Campaign


By running effective contests on Instagram helps you to grow your audience as well as drive traffic to your website in order to sell products.

You can have an idea by asking your audience to enter the contest, they have to follow you or like one of your photos. Use a specific hashtag or repost one of your photos so as to make your contest effective.

This is the smart strategy for small & big size Companies. A consignment store in Vancouver has recently offered an Instagram contest that consistently highlights a major event coming up in the city so as to encourage shoppers to their stores and get more Instagram followers by tagging a friend.

Offering user generated content in your contest help you to reach more people. Those who are not your followers on your Instagram account, Post created by your friends offers an effective way to build trust with new followers.

6. Identify Trending & Branded Hashtags

Define the trending Hashtags in the Instagram platform which is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers.

Using the right hashtag or combination of hashtags helps in building your brand persona large for your targeted audiences.

In fact, This strategy increases the chances of attracting new followers and getting more new likes which result in increasing engagement by the use of hashtags.

Design the appealing Instagram post by a short message using caption & trending hashtags. These hashtags help you to organize and categorize photos as well as high-quality video content to gain more followers.

A branded hashtag is unique for business profiles. It can be your company name, or tagline, as well as the name of one of your products and campaigns.

These branded hashtags have much more related to your brand identity rather than your brand name.


7. Share Instagram Stories With Live Videos



Instagram offers the opportunity for their audience to post beautiful, curated pictures to represent your brand persona.

However, introducing exciting Instagram Stories as well as brands can also build their brand image in 24 hours. As an innovative published photo can give your brand more appeal on the Instagram platform.

On Snapchat’s explosion in popularity defines that the social media audience is responding positively to ephemeral pictures and video sharing.

Instagram Stories has increased the brand engagement with users in different ways so as to offer brand loyalty and appeal.

Final Thoughts

Well, Instagram is working well for generating good sales and a free followers base for many businesses.

If you are looking Instagram as a lead generation/Sales machine then you should work on increasing free Instagram followers for your account.

After reading this post it can help you to a certain extent to gain exposure for your Instagram account.

Whether you pay for exposure or you focus on consistently delivering great content, there are many ways that you can go for.

However, you should combine each  Instagram marketing strategies covered in this post into one mega plan, you’ll be able to achieve remarkable results in no time.

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