4 Proven strategies on How to Broaden Your Audience

To every business, the customers are the most essential aspect for reaching success. Without customers, there’s no one to buy your products or services and help you increase revenue or profits. That’s why the main goal of every company is attract and retain the right kind of audience. However, the market is a competitive and a crowded place, making it difficult to convince consumers that yours is the right business for them. Nevertheless, every business has its own target audience and once you’ve identified them, it’s up to you to establish a relationship and start communicating with them. That way you can slowly but surely start to broaden your audience and grow your customer base alongside your business success. Don’t be shy to engage with your audience and establish relations with them, because your audience may soon become your customers and customers are essential for your business. Here are a few ways to broaden your audience.

Make yourself visible

Whether you’re running a website, ecommerce store or a blog there’s no chance to neither attract nor expand your audience if you don’t make yourself visible and available to consumers. The key to getting yourself well known is to build a strong online presence and position yourself so that the customers can easily find you online. You can start things off by engaging in active communication with your target audience on social media. Next, you should consider implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to improve your visibility, credibility and therefore your website traffic. SEO activities, such as guest blogging, link building and posting high-quality content allow you to increase your rankings with search engines, such as Google, and improve your online authority. Not only that, but these activities also help online consumers to notice you and encourage them to see what you have to offer, since you are most likely to appear on the first page of their search results.

Leverage influencers

Influencer marketing has become one of the most efficient ways to expand your audience and drive sales. Not only do online consumers listen to social media influencers, but they also rely on their reviews and feedback when making purchasing decisions. The audience that follows influencers won’t hesitate to become your audience as well if their influencer recommends you. As a matter of fact, 49% of Twitter users claim they look for recommendations from influencers, while 40% of them said they were inspired to make a purchase because of an influencer’s tweet. Moreover, 20% of users on Twitter claim they’d pass on the recommendation to their friends and family. That’s why influencers can not only help you promote products or services, but also help you grow your audience.

Provide a benefit to your audience

People who visit your social media page, website or blog may be wondering what’s in it for them. You can offer them something of value by giving something away for free – something designed to draw them toward your business by building trust or peaking interest. Consider giving away a free trial, a free book, a discount code, or even liking their page back. This will help you earn valuable followers who will stay engaged. A good example of this approach is Universum’s marketing campaign led by marketing agency Isentia. The main part of the strategy was to create high-quality content as a six-part eBook series, each covering a part of Universum’s research about top concerns for millennials, targeted at a global executive audience. Each part of the eBook series was supported by an engaging and relevant “content pack” that included blogs, articles, infographics and social media content.

Ask audience for feedback

Audience Sometimes the best idea to impress your audience comes from the audience themselves. As mentioned before, establishing relationships with your audience is essential for your business and no one said you can’t leverage those relationships to gather valuable information. You can include quizzes, Q&A, contests and other engaging content into your social media posts, in order to encourage your audience to give some feedback. Asking questions like what do they want to see in your content, what do they expect from your brands and so on, will give you valuable insight into your target audiences’ preferences. The information you gather will help you design content, marketing campaigns and promotions in the future, which will help you broaden your audience even further. Expanding your audience or customer base is a slow process that demands careful planning and determination. If you want to reach success, you should always monitor your audiences’ behavior and the trends they follow, in order to gain information and design new ways to get their attention.

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