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KWFinder Review – The Best Budget Keyword Research Tool in Market

KWFinder Review – The Best Budget Keyword Research Tool in Market
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KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tool available in the market. If you are an SEO expert or just starting with keyword research and all, This is the best tool for you.


Today in this KWFinder Review we will discuss the pros and cons of KWFinder Tool

KWFinder, as the name, suggests it the brand new keyword research tool that really simplifies the hectic process of keyword research.

KWFinder is a great alternative of Google Keyword Planner and Long tail Pro. These two provides the limited research options.

Searching Keywords to rank your articles has always been the difficult part, But all thanks to this online tool. It’s comprehensive design, data representation and ease to use had made it a good keyword research tool.

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Let’s begin with KWFinder Review

The Pros:

  1. The best UI amongst any SEO keyword research tool compared to Ahrefs, SEMRush and Moz.
  2. Web based tool. No hassle of software issues, you can access KWFinder from anywhere in the world unlike previous version Long Tail Pro.
  3. Various data filters for keyword analysis such as minimum to maximum CPC you want, PPC, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, etc.
  4. Multiple research options.
  5. One click keyword difficulty check.
  6. Great Customer Support.
  7. Diverse plans according to your needs comparitively less than other keyword research tools.

The Cons:

  1. Requests restrictions, such as at one time you cannot analyse another keyword difficulty along with another one.
  2. SERP preview cannot be customized.
  3. Not perfect for competitor analysis.


The Homepage seems pretty easy to use,

There are three ways to find long-tail keywords

  1. Suggestions Keywords.
  2. Autocomplete keywords.
  3. Question type keywords.

Suggestions Keywords

We started with doing a keyword research for our client “esthetician school”.

Autocomplete Keywords

Questions Keyword

We were amazed by the results. Not only it showed the analytics of one keyword, it also suggested other good keywords too

This tool comes in very easy to use. This tool not only provides keyword research tools  but also provide Google SERP results with important SEO metrics like DA, PA, Links, Social metrics + SEO keyword competition (SEO competitiveness)

  • 0-9 – This keyword can be ranked with near to zero efforts.
  • 10-19 – This is rankable keyword
  • 20-29 – This keyword can be ranked with normal efforts
  • 30-39 – This can be ranked with some extra efforts
  • 40-54 – Little hard, but can be ranked with right techniques
  • 55-74 – Hard to rank keyword
  • 75-89 – Very hard to rank this keyword
  • 90-100 – Don’t even think about ranking for this keyword

These colour-coded difficulty levels give a nice feel, It becomes easy to avoid the keywords which are hard to rank.

On the right-hand side, it showed us the difficulty level of the keyword,  Monthy Google searches volume and at the bottom the Google SERP analysis of top 10 pages which includes:

DA / PA – Domain Authority and Page Authority obtained from Moz.

MR & MT – MozRank & MozTrust of the URL.

Links – Number of external authority-passing links to the URL.

FaceBook and Google Plus – Social signals of the URL to determine the importance of the URL

Estimated Visits – Estimated visits per month on this SERP position.

Search Filters

If you want to research some data with filters, KWFinder gives you feature to put filters on search.

These filters are used for some advanced keyword research.

You can use the filter to find the minimum number of searches.  All the keywords which KWFInder going to show in results will be more than the filter value.

You can filter them as per CPC.

Suppose, you have a review blog, In that case, you can set a filter in KWFinder’s include keywords filter. By putting the word review in this filter, it’s going to show you all the keyword having the word review in it.

Setting the minimum number of words in the filter can give you awesome long tail keywords.


Final Thoughts

With a great Interface and one click to find long tail keywords, I think the KWfinder has become one of the most wanted tool for Internet Marketers and Digital Agencies. It’s easy to use can help a lot of SEO beginners who can find Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro pretty hard to use.

Although I was using SEMRush and Ahrefs for finding keywords. KWFinder keyword difficulty seems to be more accurate than all other tools.

The only cap I found is that each time you can only find one keyword difficulty which sometimes seems to be irritating. Although you cannot do competitive research in KWFinder for that you might still need Ahrefs or SEMRush it’s still a great keyword research tool.

I believe on for its precise keyword difficulty which helps me to save a lot of time.

I hope this KWFinder review is live up to the expectation and if you have any questions, please let me know in comments.

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