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Microsoft’s Cortana 2.9 Android App With New Look Feature

Microsoft comes with advanced Cortana 2.9 Digital Assistant Android update with new UI & features. Microsoft’s Cortana has received amazing new updates that include new advanced design with few visual changes as well as the bunch of improvements in the features. Cortana Android version 2.9.0 is available on Google Play.

Cortana 2.9 offers great design with few visual modifications done by MSPowerUser. The bottom navigation bar attached to introduce the standard hamburger menu which will open a new page to make access easier. In quick settings, we can see different themes for Cortana, notebook among others. Cortana feed introduces in new interests section in order to keep a track of upcoming events and related Cortana updates.

This new tab looks similar to Google’s Explore tab. The Cortana 2.9 in Play Store app listing define new update includes new advanced feature ‘hands-free calling and texting’. The ‘quick hands-on control’ of the reminders set in Cortana has become easy to move the app to the top-right corner.

The new features aim to make Cortona more accessible to the user. The app’s change log also provides supports for the Microsoft Band 2 with Cortana new update on the Android platform. The Cortana 2.9 redesign the Settings screen also.

Cortana 2.9 New Look Feature:

The new update also brings hands-free calling and texting abilities to devices. Cortona update allows users to set Cortona as a default digital assistant in Android devices. Microsoft decided to offer a vast range new functionalities in virtual assistance for mobile devices. The software giant Microsoft has released a new ‘Windows 10 Insider Preview update. This Android update offers users a test for the new Phone-to-PC linking application. It also helps users to share a link from PC to their smartphone.

Microsoft brings the Android version of its artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant Cortana with a redesign advanced screen. The advanced setting section introduces the updated variant with designed to facilitate navigation. Microsoft offers the “hands-on” controls for reminders which allow to quickly access the existing reminders in order to change the contents, time & date as well as delete functionality. It also helps in managing reminders using voice controls. AI Assistant Cortana can easily process voices and speech patterns more effectively.


Cortana also provides millions of services such as Foursquare so as to recommend the best restaurant attraction and LIFX so as to control smart light bulbs. Microsoft primary focus on reminders with the latest update of its digital assistant Cortana. Reminders can easily be pin to top right corner of the UI. Finally, the latest Cortana 2.9 for Android provides great support for hands-free calling and texting, with this amazing feature Cortana has become one of the main selling points of the Windows Phone Environment.

Notebook Cortana:

Cortana helps to store personal information as user interests, location, reminders, as well as contacts in “Notebook”.
It can draw, add & learn easily the user’s specific patterns as well as behaviors. In Cortana, users can view and specify information collected which allows control over privacy.

The new Settings update eases navigation, provides ‘hands on’ control for reminders by allowing easy access to change content, date, time or delete the reminder. Reminders can also be pinned on the top right corner of the user interface of a device.

Cortana Reminders:

Cortana offers built in reminders with a specific contact reminding feature. It also helps to define communication with the contact at a specific time in a specifically defined location. These reminders are specific to Cortana as well as Windows 10 Microsoft across devices. Cortana provides support for setting reminders, recognizing natural voices and answer questions using information from a search engine such as weather, traffic & sports.

Blowing Design:

Cortana design defines the cool form of 2 nested animated circles which indicate activities such as searching & talking features. The advance color includes a black & white background with shades of blue make the Cortana attractive & inspiring for the new AI.

Phone Notification Syncing:

Windows and Android phones having Cortana capture device notifications as well as send them to Windows 10 device. It allows window user to view notifications from a phone in the Windows 10 Action Center.

Miscellaneous Modes:

Cortana offers do-not-disturb mode which helps users to specify their work quietly available for Windows Phone 8.1 users. Cortana users can easily change the settings that help Cortana calls their users by their names or nicknames. It contains library “Easter Eggs”.

Integrations Third Party Apps:

Being an advanced digital assistant Cortana can easily integrate third party apps on Windows 10 as well as with Microsoft’s Wunderlist allowing Cortana to add on reminders. Skills. With advance Build 2017 conference, Microsoft announces Cortana will get third party skills capability as Amazon Alexa. Cortana reminders keep the things work on time, places as well as people. We can easily add a photo to reminders as a visual effect.

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