MyThemeShop Review – A great affordable WordPress theme club

MyThemeShop Review – A great affordable WordPress theme club
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With being an aspiring blogger I’m a full-time web developer and internet marketer. I have worked on numerous amount of WordPress projects. I have also worked on 35 MyThemeshop client side WordPress projects.

Whenever a client wants his website fast more than anything else,  I always recommend him the themes from  My ThemeShop. Because this is isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Your website the identity of your business and if it fails to load you loses your esteemed customers.

So, with this thought, I have created this detailed review on MyThemeShop themes.

Let’s get started.

What is MyThemeshop?

MyThemeShop can be referred as the combination of a WordPress theme store and a theme club. As it offers both themes individually or a membership plan by which you can download themes individually or anything with a membership plan.

MyThemeShop Pricing

MyThemeShop offers a flat pricing structure – any theme will cost you $59 and plugins will cost you $29. The pricings are equivalent to Themeforest but a bit costlier than Elegant Themes and Tesla Themes.

Its theme club has a yearly membership of $167 where you will have access to all 112 themes and 12 plugins with a premium client support.

Its yearly membership is a good choice as you can use the themes to any amount of websites. Thus, a good choice for freelancers and agencies. With the extended license, you can receive ongoing support, which can even extend to client websites.

What’s more, an extended membership will also give you access to any new products released by MyThemeShop for the duration of your subscription.

MyThemeShop themes Quality and Features

We have blabbed a lot about the MTS, now the most important thing, the quality of themes. MTS theme section consists of 112 themes. Out of 112 themes, 17 are free ones.

I have tried around 22 MTS themes, all the themes come with an advanced theme panel with an option of importing dummy data. The theme panels are minimal and are quite easy to work on.

mythemeshop theme page

The best thing I liked about MTS themes is that they have integrated eazy load, prefetching and async javascript in the code. These integrations make the themes incredibly fast. With no load of extra plugins, your website will load in a blaze.

mythemeshop performance panel

The other good thing about the themes is the design, the designs are sleek and look great as compared to the themes of high file size.

The themes are pretty feature-rich too. There’s built in ad management, stylish and lightweight social-sharing buttons, and contact form functionality included with every theme. All themes also come with support for the entire collection of MyThemeShop shortcodes, allowing you to add eye-catching design elements to your site with ease.

Most importantly, though, is that underneath all of this is a clean, lightweight, and robust code. What’s more, to ensure your site is as visitor-friendly as possible, all themes boast a fully mobile responsive design, lightning-quick load times, and cross-browser compatibility.

Another bonus: each theme comes with a narrated video tutorial.


Final Thoughts

Overall, MTS is a best and affordable WordPress theme club available in the market – the website offers a great range of quality themes at an affordable price. All available themes are robust and fast.

With more than 350000 customers its pretty clear that people have no doubts about the performance of the themes.
If you run a digital agency or a working as a freelance, MTS yearly membership with and extended license can be a great deal for you.

This package will give you access to nearly a hundred themes to impress your clients, plus each one comes loaded with customization options so you can tailor a website to a client’s liking.

While if you are working on a single website, the decision will be pretty difficult because in one hand you are saving few bucks by choosing a single theme. While paying for a club subscription allows you to test your website under a variety of guises until you find the perfect one

According to me and my 6 years of experience in web development industry, The annual membership is the best value, and more than holds its own when compared with other top WordPress Clubs — $167 a year for 99 quality themes and 20 specialist plugins is a win-win deal!

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