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All in One Social Media Marketing for Dummies 3rd Edition

All in One Social media marketing for dummies describes the best strategy by which company can get direct feedback from their potential customers.

The social media platform offers the best opportunity for customers to ask questions as well as voice complaints by one to one interaction.

Social Media Marketing refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to increase brand awareness, promote & increase website traffic.

Social Media Marketing establishes a social media presence on major platforms by creating quality content and advertorials.

The social media platform offers the best opportunity for customers to ask questions as well as voice complaints by one to one interaction.

It is a form of Internet Marketing that define the quality content that users share with their social network so as to increase brand exposure & broaden customer reach.

It is one of the key components that helps for increasing new and unique visitors to the websites. Social media marketing can be done by adding social media links to content.

RSS feeds, sharing social media buttons on websites, promoting using social media by tweets, blog posts etc are the part of SMM.

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This effective strategy is defined as social customer relationship management. Social media marketing increases the popularity of websites such as Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Google+ and YouTube etc even when you are low on organic traffic so it is a crucial step taken to get traffic to your website.

To create a website easily, WordPress comes with hundreds of free, customizable, mobile – ready designs and themes.

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress in social media marketing as easy-to-use plugins that help marketers to increase social media reach to their customers. You can know more about how to download WordPress for dummies.


Social Media Marketing For Dummies 3rd Edition 


Social Media Marketing For DummiesThe fastest way to understand the effective use of social media marketing is down below.

We share the experience of social media voices as Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond that defines the latest approaches to social media marketing & its effective strategies in this book.

Social Media Marketing For Dummies introduces the essence of effective and practical planning, innovative launching, time management, and assessing the influencing social media marketing campaign.

It is an essential guide that covers latest and time tested tendencies in social media which include how to increase the audience achieve using mainstream platforms, social media with a business site, blogs, tools, in addition to advertising to create innovative use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,& others.

A quick and easy reading style as well as practical marketing campaign combined altogether in Social Media Marketing For Dummies which is perfect for time-pressed marketers.

This type of marketing is a powerful tool for successful businesses so as to reach your niche customers & audience.

Customers interact with brands through social media & Social Media Marketing For Dummies is an essence of effective marketing on social media that plays the crucial role to your business success. The book gives an idea to encourage business branding as well as generating leads and sales.

It gives an idea to encourage business branding as well as generating leads and sales.

Social Media Marketing For DummiesSocial Media Marketing For Dummies is a complete guide that helps to launch a successful marketing campaign and offers influencer voice that reaches your audience on niche platforms & much more.

Social media marketing offers effective use of social media without spending money so as to reach your audience with building your business.

In this new edition of Social Media Marketing For Dummies, you’ll get the complete guide to identifying business goals, set marketing objectives, real audience research. This book also focusses on online marketing strategies that increase potential customers and make your brand and business viable.


About The Authors


Shiv Singh transform the brand with the rise of digital & worked in executive level positions with Fortune 50 companies. He is currently working as an SVP of Global Brand & Marketing Transformation at Visa Inc. He has been recognized by Ad Age as a Media Maven as well as featured on the publication’s cover. Recently, Shiv Singh was recognized by Adweek as a Top 50 Marketer.


Table of Contents.




Part I: Getting Started with Social Media Marketing all in one for dummies


Chapter 1: Understanding Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding social media’s role in social influence.
  • Discovering the different roles played by social media participants.
  • Knowing what types of influencers you’re marketing to.
  • Coordinating your efforts with other types of marketing.
  • Moving beyond corporate marketing.


Chapter 2: Discovering Your SMM Competitors

  • Researching consumer online activity.
  • Tracking your competition.
  • Creating personas to sharpen your marketing.
  • Recognizing new SMM concepts.


Chapter 3: Getting in the Social Media Marketing Frame of Mind

  • Applying social media marketing to the marketing funnel.
  • Deploying specific tactics at each stage of the funnel.
  • Deepening customer relationships using SMM.
  • Complementing brand marketing.
  • Making direct-response and social media marketing work together.


Part II: Practicing SMM on the Social Web


Chapter 4: Launching SMM Campaigns

  • Discovering the key components of a successful SMM campaign.
  • Managing beyond the campaign.
  • Synchronizing the SMM campaign with other channels.
  • Responding to criticism.


Chapter 5: Developing Your SMM Voice

  • Understanding why you need to have an SMM voice.
  • Differentiating between SMM voices and brand voices.
  • Building your voice on the social web.
  • Choosing the owner of your company’s SMM voice.
  • Crowdsourcing SMM voices.


Part III: Reaching Your Audience via Mainstream Social Platforms


Chapter 6: Finding the Right Platforms

  • Choosing the right social platform.
  • Understanding your audience’s activity.
  • Becoming more niche-savvy.
  • Helping staff understand social media in action.


 Chapter 7: Exploring SMM Strategies for Facebook

  • Exploring marketing strategies for Facebook.
  • Discovering Facebook pages.
  • Connecting with Facebook events.
  • Using Facebook ads to engage customers.


 Chapter 8: Marketing on Twitter

  • Discovering Twitter basics.
  • Understanding organic engagement.
  • Using paid advertising.
  • Discovering new tips and tricks.


Chapter 9: Creating a YouTube Strategy

  • Exploring the benefits of SMM on YouTube.
  • Creating custom content for your channel.
  • Harnessing the value of comments on videos.
  • Discovering advertising on YouTube.


Chapter 10: Considering LinkedIn

  • Creating a powerful profile.
  • Exploring ways to enhance your career with LinkedIn.
  • Promoting your company.
  • Harnessing the use of content.
  • Using LinkedIn groups to connect more effectively.


Chapter 11: Viewing Google through a Different Lens

  • Looking at Google+ fundamentals.
  • Understanding how to use brand pages.
  • Using tips and tricks.
  • Discovering Google Music.


Chapter 12: Marketing with Pinterest

  • Recognizing Pinterest Users.
  • Focusing on Strategy.
  • Becoming a Business Pinner.
  • Developing Credibility with Your Boards and Images.


Chapter 13: Interacting with Tumblr

  • Getting started with Tumblr.
  • Finding blogs to show best practices.
  • Looking at paid media.


Chapter 14: Delving into Instagram

  • Getting started with Instagram.
  • Looking at the Instagram user.
  • Developing photo story lines.


Part IV: Getting Your Message to Connectors


Chapter 15: Marketing via Niche Networks and Online Communities

  • Knowing the niche platforms that matter.
  • Discovering where customers spend their time online.
  • Understanding unpaid media basics.


Chapter 16: Accounting for the Influencers

  • Nurturing the social influencers.
  • Differentiating between influencers.
  • Harnessing a customer’s social graph.
  • Discovering best practices for reaching influencers.


Part V: Old Marketing Is New Again with SMM


Chapter 17: Practicing SMM on Your Website

  • Plugging your website into the social web.
  • Streamlining the user experience on your website.
  • Aggregating information for your customer.
  • Focusing on the experience and not just the product.


Chapter 18: Becoming an Authentic and Engaged Advertiser

  • Discovering the frontier of display advertising: social ads.
  • Seeing how native advertising can work for you.
  • Making paid and earned media work together.
  • Making SMM work with television.


Chapter 19: Building an SMM Mobile Campaign

  • Understanding consumer trends in mobile.
  • Understanding the convergence of mobile and social media.
  • Tips for getting started.


Chapter 20: Energizing Your Employees for Social Media Marketing

  • Connecting employees with social tools.
  • Using prediction markets to pick winners.
  • Making decisions collaboratively.


Chapter 21: Applying Metrics to the SMM Realm

  • Calculating your SMM score.
  • Measuring influencer activity.
  • Analyzing activity on various social media platforms.
  • Tying social media marketing measurement to business results.


Chapter 22: Understanding Social Media Governance and Tools

  • Examining several governance models.
  • Instituting SMM policies and guidelines.
  • Dealing with a social media crisis.


Chapter 23: Moving Toward Real-Time Marketing

  • Understanding real-time marketing.
  • Distribution of real-time marketing.
  • Engaging consumers in real-time marketing.


Part VI: The Part of Tens


Chapter 24: Ten SMM-Related Must-Read Blogs

  • Keeping up with cutting-edge bloggers.
  • Finding the best social media marketing advice online.
  • Taking university-level courses to step up your marketing knowledge.


Chapter 25: Ten Top SMM Tools

  • Searching Google blogs for specialized marketing information.
  • Scheduling your tweets to publish at designated times.
  • Analyzing your competitor’s websites.

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